Nam Man Prai – (Nam Man = oil, Prai = ghost/spirit) – Simply, nam man prai means the oil of the ghost.尸油 Well, many people have the wrong idea that nam man prai is only for love or sexual attraction use. There are different types of nam man prai for different purposes. Also, the fact about nam man prai is that it can also be extracted from animal instead of human. Traditionally, nam man prai is extracted by burning the chin of a dead woman or even babies who died prematurely.

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Through the right kind of ritual by a spiritually attained master, nam man prai oil can help change one’s life drastically. It is also often misunderstood that nam man prai is only for love or lust attraction, it can do much more. Source who are bound to a special sacred ritual with a holy nam man prai spirit can experience spiritual awakening and could attain the ability to consciously make changes in their own destiny.

The more common type of animal nam man prai is extracted from cats. Usually black cats. In Thai, as human prai oil can be sold for higher prices, some masters do not tell you that the nam man prai is actually extracted from animal. And they don’t give this a special name to differentiate if it is a human nam man prai or animal nam man prai. And most online sellers don’t even know the true difference. It is also important for the user or wearer to know the name of the deceased person which the oil is extracted from in order to make merits for her.

Every nam man prai is unique and not every spirit of a dead woman is capable of bringing love or sexual attraction for the user. Some of these spirits or souls of the nam man prai may not be willing to help in love or sexual attraction (depending on her cause of death.)

According to our Master Patana, it is NOT advisable to buy nam man prai over the shelves without knowing who the master is behind these oils, and how spiritually attained are these masters who extracted the oil, and instead of helping the user, the prai may harm the user.

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How to use Nam Man Prai?
For people who are suitable for nam man prai, master will perform a powerful ritual that binds you with the higher realm spirit of nam man prai. The spirit of nam man prai will be above your head and within your karmic path. Once it is bound to your karmic path, whatever you think of (by thoughts language) can be realized and manifested. Both positive and negative thoughts can be manifested in short time. However, if a negative thought is realized, it will also be recorded in your negative karmic path. It will be important to be mindful all the time and also to avoid any negative thoughts or actions. This form of spirit binding also can make drastic change to 12 dimensions of your life path. And it is almost guaranteed that any of your thoughts can be realized. If you use this the right way, more of the good karma will also be accumulated. We have to warn that if too much negative thoughts are manifested, you will have to bear all consequences of the negative karma that may come later in your life. The power of Nam Man Prai can be easily abused. Hence, we ask that you send us a request first before sending any funds for Nam Man Prai.

There will also be a special ritual which master will teach you to manifest anything that you hope happen in your life. Do contact us with your birthdate to see if you are suitable to bind with nam man prai.

Do also note that all payments made for nam man prai or any items seen on this site will be donated to charity in your name. This is to deliver merits to your karmic path to alter and repair any of your exhausted merits. Master will want you to make a promise to him that you will continue to make regular meri

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